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Wireless alarm

Alarm system

A truly reliable and unencumbered solution

In the Daitem wireless alarm system, there’s no wire, no wire link, no plug to the mains, as the power supply is provided by lithium batteries (5 year autonomy). To sum-up, every element can be placed with the best efficiency. Thanks to the reliability of the Twinpass technology, the “E-nova” alarm provides an unrivalled protection level. Indeed it resists to any fraud attempt and doesn’t fear thunder or power failures.

5 year autonomy
5 year warranty

NF&A2P level 2 certifications

Its modularity allows for an installation perfectly suited to your home, without degrading it. In addition, it is also possible to change it over time.

Scalable and connected monitoring
• Possibility of surveillance around the outside area
• Connection to infrared video
• Can be controlled remotely via smartphone

Effective protection against intrusion
Intrusion protection must perform three essential functions: detect, deter and prevent.Sirens and flashing flash will dissuade the thief from continuing … Finally, you, your relatives or a monitoring and intervention company will be warned of a phone call..